Father Hires Videogame Hitman To Stop Son From Playing Game

In China, the father of 23-year old Xiao Feng got so frustrated with his son’s constant game playing (and his inability to find a job) that he hired an online hit man to solve the problem.

You see, Xiao is really good at his favorite role playing game and would spend hours of each and every day conquering other opponents instead of looking for a job. His father, whose home in which he was still residing (obviously) found this infuriating and he gave up on waiting for his son to find a job that appealed to him.

Mr Feng’s solution was a novel one, he recruited players who were better than his son and paid them to attack him.

Xiao caught on after a while because he noticed he was all of a sudden being killed like a first timer. He confronted his attackers, who promptly ratted out his old man. Xiao explained to his father that he could quit gaming at any time and that he was not putting off finding a job, he was waiting to find the right job.

Mr Feng is quoted as saying that he was “relieved” by his son’s response – there was no word, however, on whether this had caused the 23-year-old to alter his gaming habits. Perhaps this will become a common line of action for all frustrated parents looking to get their grown children out of the online game playing world and back into reality.  [Source]

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