Cops Caught Drag Racing To Donut Shop

Tim Horton’s is a pretty big thing in Canada, even the States now. Known for it’s coffee, donuts and other goodies it’s a staple for most Canadians with line-ups for the drive thru sometimes affecting traffic in the streets. But they rarely run out of coffee or donuts so what would be the point in racing there? Racing in cars on busy city streets which could be dangerous?

There’s none really… except maybe entertainment on a boring night.

That might be why some police officers in Calgary decided it would be a good idea to hold the Tim Horton’s Drag Races. Two of the cars were marked, one wasn’t.

A Youtube video shows them racing to the donut chain and granted it really wasn’t that far from the traffic light they were stopped at. So did they do something wrong? The Calgary police department says no. What do you say? 


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