Woman Arrested For Murdering Boyfriend With Her Breasts

Donna Lange is in big trouble thanks to her big breasts. She has been arrested and charged with murder after police found her smothering her boyfriend with her breasts.

Yes, mammary glands on the human female have now become an assault weapon.

Lange, 51, was found in the compromising condition after police in her hometown of Everret, Washington, responded to a disturbance complaint. The “breast smother-er” and her now dead boyfriend were fighting very loudly in their trailer park home and witnesses told police they even saw her throw him to the ground a couple of times.

When they arrived the boyfriend, who weighed 17 pounds less than Lange, was already unconscious and medics were unable to revive him with CPR. Now Lange is up for murder and a very long jail sentence.

But that’s not the strangest thing. Apparently Lange is not the first.

In the UK, a 33-year old woman was accused by her boyfriend of trying to smother him with her very large 40 LL boobies during sex. The man claimed she was jealous of his successful career and was using a sex game as a guise to hide her true plans to kill him. She said it was just sex and wasn’t found guilty.

Then there was the woman in Deleware, Ohio, who tried to get the cops to leave her alone by spraying them with her breast milk. Definitely not as effective.

Next will be the breast smothering serial killer… and then the movie “Attack of the Killer Breasts.”  [ Source. ]  [ Picture. ]


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