Fifth Graders Arrested In Murder Plot

Stories like this make you really wonder WTF this world is coming to.

Two 10-year old boys are being held on a $100,000 bond for a murder plot they intended to carry out. The targets were one of the duo’s ex-“girlfriend” and a number of other students whose names were given to the police.

(And now for the collective cry of WTF??? OMG!!!!)

Thanks to the incredible courage of a fourth grade student who say the boys playing with their knife and apparently heard what they were up to, the fifth graders at Fort Colville Elementary School in Washington state were apprehended before they could do any damage or be the instigators of another tragedy in the US.

The student told a school administrator and police were called in. When searched they found one of the boys had a gun.

It’s expected the two will be charged in juvenile court with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, possession of a firearm and witness tampering.

“These young men conspired to kill,” Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen said. “It was interrupted by the bravery of a fourth grader who saw something and said something … and interrupted a murder.”

This is beyond scary.  It’s almost incomprehensible.  What makes a couple of 10-year olds decided the best way to get back at people that hurt your feelings or break your heart is by killing them? Do they have no concept of what it means to end someone’s life? Is this merely a sign of a bad home environment or is it an indication of a bigger problem in our society where it seems the culture of community is being left behind? Or is it just one more factor pointing to a bigger problem in the US with gun violence?

Too many questions without enough facts. Hopefully people in power see these warning signs of something failing and take steps towards action. [ Source ]


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