Iran Shoots Monkey Into Space, Claims It Came Back Alive

Iran is claiming it shot a monkey into space and it came back alive. How this is remotely OK in this day and age is beyond me. Yeah, all in one piece and good to go in what appears to be the most ridiculously shoddy piece of space shooting technology ever. All I can think is poor monkey… and I don’t even like monkeys because they do gross things to smaller animals.

Ok, I get that this shoddy thing was put into a proper rocket but the poor monkey looks terrified as it’s strapped into this box like contraption that keeps it’s head from moving and it’s legs strapped to the flat back.

The results are that the monkey went 72miles into space and then came back. Yippee for Iran. We now all know that you too are exploring space… and there’s another monkey that’s been terrified for life.

It just seems, in this day and age, there’s really no reason to shoot any animals into space first. Call me crazy but I think it’s time for people to be the test subjects now since it’s been proven space travel is safe. Sure Iran’s program is just being developed but come one, couldn’t you use an egg baby or something better.

Call me a crazy animal lover (because I am) but this poor monkey deserves better.  [ Source ] [ Picture ]


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