Pope Francis is the best Pope in a long, long time

Earlier this week, newly elected Pope to the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, surprised everyone when reports came out on Italian newspapers, that upon getting up in the morning, he stepped outside his quarters. Finding a Swiss Guard standing outside his door he asked him if he had been standing there all night. Having received confirmation from the guard that yes, he had been standing there all night, the Pope went back in his quarters, retrieving a chair as well as a snack for the guard, then, before retiring back to his quarters Pope Francis ordered the guard not to hesitate to knock if he needed anything else.

Gentlemen, I’m not a fan of organized religion, and frankly, historically, the Vatican hasn’t exactly been the role model for the humanness that Jesus would have meant for them to have in his name. However, Pope Francis is gaining popularity, and probably followers for the Catholic Church with his humility, selflessness and just overall being an awesome human being.

Now, if only other leaders would follow his example, we might have something we can work with towards the world peace that so cherish all the Miss USA candidates.




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