Woman Pretends To Be Pregnant Teen, Goes To School, Assaults Principal

Usually, when people finish high school they leave for good and continue with the rest of their lives. Not Diana Steely.

The 28-year old woman enrolled in the second semester of high school, in the Young Mom’s program at Eastdale Secondary School in Welland, Ontario (Canada.) Using the pseudonym Terra Eaglesnest, Steely claimed she was pregnant and started attending classes.

Staff were suspicious based on her appearance. So they looked into the matter and found out there was no Terra Eaglesnest. That’s when Niagara Regional Police were notified and Steely was called to the principal’s office to meet with them and the school’s top official.  After some interrogation her true identity and age were uncovered.

However, there were no reasons given as to why she was pretending to be a pregnant teen or why she enrolled in the school.

Steely was sent to her locker to collect her stuff but didn’t leave quietly.

Instead, she assaulted the principal and was arrested.  Upon arrest it was revealed she’s on probation so she’s now been charged with two breaches of probation on top of assault. No word on if she will be charged with fraud, for impersonating a teen, or why she wanted to be in school as a pregnant teen in the first place.

That is the question inquiring minds want to know. And we really really want to know.  [ Source ]  [ Picture ]



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