Houston Cop Demoted Thanks To Her Nude Pics Online

Houston’s finest are down one hot police woman, Stacy Suro.

The department has demoted her from patrolling the streets to working in the office only after more than one hundred pictures of the blonde were found on her Model Mayham site. In the pictures she’s either naked, in bondage or wearing skimpy undies.

While it seems everyone who is anyone is posting these kind of pics online these days, from teens on Facebook to adults on dating sites, Houston’s Police Department feels it’s a breach of the contract all officers must sign. In the contract it states employees must not do anything that’s considered demeaning to them.

This leads us to the very important question; Who defines demeaning?  It begs to argue, in this case, that is Suro herself didn’t find the pictures demeaning then how is it demeaning?

Not everyone in Houston agrees with Suro being demoted for the pics. One comment on the department’s Facebook page points out there seems to be gender inequality at play.

“So I guess the firemen that pose for their yearly calendar, they are getting demoted as well?” the person penned, adding, “She can arrest me anytime she wants!”

Perhaps Suro is happy for her demotion to in office duties only. This way she’s always close to a computer to check up on her website.  [ Source


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