Malian family (probably) eats French Prime Minister’s camel

Back in February, French Prime Minister Francois Hollande was given what quite possibly might turn out to be the weirdest gift ever presented to a nation’s leader: A camel.

Visibly embarassed by the camel, and not one to look a gift camel in the mouth Hollande left the camel with a Malian family who according to local sources, most likely enjoyed stuffed camel for at least several days before running out.

According to the same source, the camel had been confiscated from a Touareg family by the French and Malian army who freed Tombouctou from Islamist extremists. Before anyone asks, Touareg, is an actual belligerous ethnic group that the German company unsurprisingly chose to name one of their minivans.

As strange gifts go, the camel, narrowly beats out the iPod filled with Broadway tunes which US President Barack Obama presented Her Majesty The Queen of England with, in 2009 and the 50 pairs of H&M boxer briefs David Beckham presented Obama with just last year.

In the video above, the Prime Minister can be seen enjoying some Malian hospitality. Ah, the life of the rich and famous. The free iPods, the camels, the underwear…



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