Vet Says Medical Marijuana Good For Dogs & Cats

Medical marijuana isn’t only for humans, so says the good pet doctor Dr. Doug Kramer.

In an interview with Vice Magazine, the veterinarian says the plant which is now legalized in some US states can help animals deal with the pain of terminal illnesses and regain appetite.

It’s a practice he used on his now dead dog Nikita who had cancer. Kramer says he would “dose” Nikita and she had a much better last bit of her life.  After the dosing he noted Nikita could get up and walk around as opposed to laying in pain as she did prior to the marijuana.

He also says they use it to help cats get their appetite back (aka. munchies) when they are sick since the feline breed doesn’t like to eat when they are sick.

In fact, any animal with cannabinoid receptors can feel the effects of THC. These include pigs, monkeys, rats and chickens.

The animals take the marijuana as a tincture dropped in their water or have their food cooked in an oil or butter made from the plant.

Will the wonders of marijuana never cease?  [ Source ] [ Picture ]

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