Flight Diverted After Family Complains About On Flight Movie

So far 2013 seems to be the year of diverted flights.

There was the McNeil family from Canada who got a Sunwing plane diverted to Bermuda because they were rude and were thought to be smoking in the bathroom.

Now, it’s the unnamed family from an unspecified location who had a United Airways flight diverted their flight, landing in Chicago, after the family complained that the in flight movie wasn’t suitable for their children who are ages 4 and 8.

The movie, Alex Cross, is a detective thriller with a PG-13 rating. In it are scene of violence and sexuality which the parents thought inappropriate for their children.

Making multiple requests to have the fold-down screen in front of their seat pulled back, the family was even visited by the pilot who explained this wasn’t possible.

No fuss was made and sources say all the conversations were quite amicable. However, the flight was diverted, a landing made in Chicago for “security reasons” and the family was taken off an put on another flight.

Maybe now United will opt for the screen at the seat option. Or the family will invest in tablets to entertain their kids on flights.  [ Source]


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