Parrot Cries Cause Police Break In

An Ontario woman was more than a little surprised to be woken from her sleep by the sound of her door being broken into.

It was the police and they broke into Mary Brown’s apartment in fears there was a woman being hurt, however, the cries they were hearing were those of the woman’s parrot.

The 30-year old nurses intercom had gotten stuck on, so when she went to bed after a 12-hour shift and her parrot started her cries neighbors thought it was Brown or another female in danger.

Police were called and diligently they did their duty to find no one in distress just a parrot.

Brown says it was scary hearing people breaking down her door.

“I came out of my bedroom, screaming like a banshee,” she told media.  “The first thing they said was: ‘Oh, it’s the bird’ and sighed in relief. And I said: ‘Oh, it’s the police.’”

Thankfully no birds or people were scarred by this issue. But an intercom might be kicking the dust as a better working on takes it’s place.  [ Source. ]  [ Picture ]

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