Woman Arrested For Blackmailing Man She Met On “SugarDaddy” Website

Sugar Daddies beware. There is such a thing as fatal attraction from the Sugar Babies you woo – a fatal attraction to your money.

FBI have arrested and charged a 26-year old Florida woman (seen in the picture above) for extortion after she started threatening the man she met on sugardaddyforme.com . She wanted money,  more of it all the time, otherwise she was going to send his naked pics to his wife, boss and friends.

Stephanie Starling met the man, known as “HT” in court documents, and began an online relationship.  But it wasn’t one of truth on the part of Starling. Telling HT she was a 21-year old university student who needed money for school and expenses, she also sent him pics of a blonde porn star she found on the internet.

HT sent Starling $7,000. They exchanged naked pics of each other. HT’s were legit. Starlings were of a naked woman she found online.

The plot thickened once Starling started asking for more money or else she’d expose him to the world. HT sent another $1,200 after Starling promised that would be it and he’d never hear from her again but those were words as fraudulent as her pics.

Three-weeks later she was at it again saying she’d message his wife if she didn’t get money A.S.A.P. and wrote a text message saying:

“I better have a tracking number by 6pm my time or I’m making you famous.”

Starling then found him on Twitter, threatened to come to Las Vegas, and continued to play the insanely crazy stalker for money until HT finally went to the FBI. That’s when it all unraveled for Starling.

The feds investigated, she was charged and in court she claimed she was doing it to help feed her son and pay her bills.

Here’s a better idea, Ms. Starling, why not try getting a job.

And Sugar Daddies… you might want to think twice about your online girlfriends and what pictures you share with those who you’re paying to keep company with.  [ Source]

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