Eat Insects, Save The World Says United Nations

Eat more bugs and we could save the world.

So says a new report from the Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

They estimate that globally 2 billion people world wide are already supplementing their diets with the nutrient-rich bugs which are high in protein.

Nutrition isn’t the only benefit according to the report. Insects and the farming of them also produce a lot less greenhouse gases than livestock, pigs and other meat production industries making them a smart choice for saving the environment too. They also need less food than bigger animals.

Usually insects are collected in forest but there are some farms and this is something that could easily be expanded as a food shortage continues to threaten today’s world.

If given the choice between a GMO or an insect which would you choose? What nature gave you or what man created in the name of capital gain? That is the question of the century.  [ Source ]

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