Baby Born Drunk After Mom Goes On Bender

A 24-year old Polish woman is under investigation for child endangerment after her drinking binge led to son being born drunk and almost dead due to alcohol poisoning.

The infant had 4.5g of alcohol in his little body. In Poland, the legal limit you can have to drive is .02 so the newborn had a blood alcohol limit of 23 times the legal limit.

“The unborn baby was in severe danger of being poisoned to death.” said hospital spokesperson Wojciech Zawalski.

It all happened in a liquor store. The heavily pregnant woman, who was presumably on a bender, was buying more alcohol when she collapsed. Police were called to the scene and that’s when doctors were called in.

They had to do an emergency c-section to save the child, who’s heart was barely beating.

The infant, who is two weeks premature, is now being weened off the alcohol and in intensive care.

Just so sad.  [Source ]


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