Man sticks penis in hornet’s nest and dies, or does he?

The story of the man who stuck his penis in a hornet’s nest and died in pain may well be a hoax.

Last Monday, a 35 year old Swedish man was reported dead near his farm with 146 wasp stings on his body, 46 of which on his genitals. The coroner who examined the body and scene was said to have speculated he “might” have tried to have sex with the hornets nest by inserting his penis inside it, triggering the rage of the flying pests.

Reportedly, the coroner also noted the presence of sperm on some wasps, over and around the nest, as well as several pubic hairs. He is quoted as saying that he has little doubt about what happened, also noting that the man would’ve died in excruciating pain from the stings.

Me, I’d have worn a condom but that’s just a personal choice. Also, that’s not the point.

The point is, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet as this story, like many similar too good to be true stories, is a complete hoax that was published by a satirical Swedish website last September. Apparently not only did the story never happen, but the man, named Hasse, never even existed.

Bang! Goes the Internet…

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