The Parti Quebecois pledges $750,000 in public funds to renovate a hut in the middle of nowhere

Parti Quebecois leader and Quebec Premier, Pauline Marois, has pledged 750.000$ in public funds to renovate the childhood home of Gilles Vigneault, a French Canadian poet mostly known for his yearly removal at the Saint Jean Baptiste national holiday in Quebec city on June 24th.

The Premier pledged this money to restore the inside and outside of the home, in Natashquan.

It’s important to note that restoring technically means: “to put back the way it once was” which means that technically, it will cost $750,000 in tax payer’s money to take this house:

And turn it into the way it was in the 1920s:

For those who don’t know the geographic location of the hut above, it’s in Natashquan, Cote Nord, that’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere at about 8 hour drive from the next large city: Quebec. And Quebec City is not that large.

Natashquan? You can’t fly there, not directly, you can’t take the train there, there are no buses or tours. They are basically pledging money to restore a house that they claim will stimulate the “local” tourist economy of La Cote Nord, however, it’s not exactly a popular spot, as you can see for yourselves on TripAdvisor. The house exists, but has no reviews.

I’ve never been there, in fact nobody I know has ever been there. It would require lots of preparations. One would need a full camping training with gear, guides would need to be hired and probably an all terrain vehicle would be necessary, gasoline reserves would need to be brought along.

I’m not even sure the area is accessible during the winter as lots of remote side roads are closed at that latitude. Perhaps a dogsled or ski-doo?

Wait. It’s probably accessible by helicopter but you might as well open a Luna Park in North Korea, you’ll get more attendance.

You can watch the press conference after the jump below, in the mean time, consider that with three quarters of a million dollars in Quebec you could:

-Feed a sleuth of poor children from poor families.

-Get at least 7 or 8 doctors to assist with the current health-care crisis in Quebec where waiting times at emergency average 16~24hours before even seeing an actual doctor.

-Fix some roads, not a lot of road as apparently in Quebec it costs 4M$ to repave 200m of highway, but it’s a start.

-Hire better teachers in high-schools.

-Stop harassing the students over a $75/year increase in tuition costs over the next 12 years.



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