Ottawa police officer shoots herself in the leg, police look for suspect

An Ottawa region female officer has reportedly been shot in the leg while responding to a bush party disturbance call, she may have shot herself in the leg. The officer, a young woman in her 20s apparently drew her gun and bolted down a hill before receiving a gunshot to the right leg. She called the incident in reporting that she had been shot.

Police did not cordon off the area as a crime scene, a routine procedure even for domestic calls not involving guns. The officers in charge of the investigation have now seized her 9mm service weapon, after realizing that one bullet was expended.

Thing is, on Saturday night, the police dispatched several vehicles to the area after receiving reports of an armed man, they were still looking for a suspect for the shooting. The wounded officer remains in hospital as she awaits for surgery. The police are expected to release a statementsome time next week depending on the results of the ballistic expertise to show if the officer has in fact, shot herself.



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