Afghan man spent better part of decade with pencil lodged in his head


pencilThat grotesque looking thing that resembles a decayed, severed finger is, in fact, a pencil. Sure it doesn’t look at all like one, but that’s only because the writing utensil has been lodged inside an Afghan gentleman’s head for the better part of a decade. The constant moisture inside the human head will do that to pens, pencils and other various sundries.

Life imitating art, so long as you believe art is The Simpsons…which it most certainly is.

The pencil had somehow become embedded in the man’s head as the result of a childhood accident, where it stayed until German doctors removed it. The Afghan man had impaired vision from the pencil being stuck up his nose, which remained even after the object was taken out, but otherwise the anonymous patient is otherwise no worse for wear.

From ABC News

Asked how the pencil had become lodged in his head, he said he remembered a childhood accident about 15 years earlier where he fell and suffered a strong nosebleed.

Surgeons spotted the seven-centimetre pencil in a CT scan and safely removed it.

The pencil had lodged in the back of the man’s throat, damaging his eye socket.

After the surgery, the patient made a quick recovery and was released from hospital within days, although his vision remains impaired.

And here you all thought your mother was being overcautious when she told you not to run with sharp items in your hand. Sure it seemed funny and rebellious at the time, but that’s only because you didn’t end up with a pencil up your nose like this poor schmuck.



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