Man Charged With Sexually Abusing Pet Peacock

Sometimes you click on a link, read a couple of lines and wish you hadn’t.

The case of American David Beckman and his peacock might be one of those if your overly active imagination makes you want to hurl chunks as you read between the lines of this news story, like it did with me.

Beckman, 63, was picked up by police for another crime, when police found his pet peacock dead in the garage.

Details of it’s death aren’t being disclosed since they involve a minor between the ages of 13 – 17 and the abuse is said to be of a sexual nature.

This is where those of us with overly active imaginations say, “WTF???? This is one disgusting man.”

The Illinois man is not in jail on roughly $10,000 bond and is charged with three charges of harassment and two counts of marijuana possession and battery. And of course, the suspected sexual abuse of the peacock and possibly the minor involved.

Makes you wanna ask, wtf is wrong with some people?  [ Source]

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