Man Finds 40,000 Bees In Walls Of Home

Sitting watching TV one night, Tyler Judd of Provo, Utah, and his partner heard a buzzing that wouldn’t go away.

He tells media, “We were just sitting on our couch, turned off the TV and could hear some buzzing in the walls.” So the search began.

The couple couldn’t find the source in the ceiling or the floor but when they turned their ears to the walls the buzzing became louder.

Unsure what it was but thinking it could be a bees nest they enlisted the help of a bee-removal specialist by the name of Albert Chubak. What he found was far more than one bees nest.

It’s estimated between 40,000 – 60,000 bees were found in the couples home. Considering North American bees are on the endangered list let’s hope they were removed and not destroyed. [ Source ]


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