Goat Riding Horse Become Ad For Newfoundland And Labrador

Sometimes the best things happen by accident and in this digital age these accidents can become Internet sensations.

This is what has happened with a video of a little brown goat riding a white horse in Newfoundland.

As the story goes, a camera crew was shooting a commercial for their upcoming season of tourism ads for Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. While there they spotted two unlikely friends – a little brown goat on top of a while horse.

Little goat was getting a ride until white horse decided enough was enough and bucked him off.

Capturing the whole episode of cuteness on camera, the crew then turned it into an ad for the province touting ‘where else can you find the unexpected.”

Their bosses must be happy. Not only did they shoot two commercials that day for the price of one, the video of the unlikely friends is going viral. But I do feel sorry for those tourists who are going to book trips to the province thinking everywhere they look they’ll see goats riding horses.  [ Source ] [ Picture ]

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