Nannies For Rich & Famous Now Trained In Self-Defence & Stunt Driving

In this growing world of paparazzi’s, robbers and kidnapping, nannies for the rich and famous have to know more than how to change a bum or soothe a scrap. They need to be skilled in self-defense, get away driving and other means of dealing with modern day annoyances.

This is what department heads at Norland College in Bath, Somerset, England believe. They’ve had a degree in childcare since 1892 and they’ve changed the courses to meet the needs of today’s royals, celebs and neauveau riche.

The four-year BA in nanny skills costs £36,000 and includes training in martial arts like Tae Kwon Do as well as race car driving at Castle Combe Racing Circuit in Wiltshire where they learn high speed driving under every weather condition.

Why teach the nannies these skills that seem more appropriate for security guards and spies?

John Yeo is the driving instructor, who normally trains body guards. He explains, “We put them under as much pressure as we can.  If we’re putting all the pressure on them and they can still pull the car out of a situation quickly and efficiently. ”

Quickly and efficiently those nannies will be able to race away from pursuing paparazzi and annoying would be kidnappers. And look out… if you get too close that nanny might drop kick your ass.

This is childcare of the 21st century.  [ Source ]


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