Teacher Asked To Resign Thanks To Sexy Bikini Photos

Being hot for teacher is understandable when you’ve got one like 26-year old Olivia Spraurer.

The Florida woman is a high school English teacher by day and a sexy bikini model at night – or perhaps on the weekend if the shoot required it.

However, her stint as a teacher has been cut short after the principal of the school she worked at found her picture online and asked her to resign because of them.

Spraurer says she knew she was taking a risk by posing for the photos but thought, what the hey since she was planning on going to grad school after the year was out.

The only thing upsetting her is that she can’t finish the year with her students but she does plan on attending graduation.

Here’s my thing. What is the problem with a teacher posing in bikini pictures? Especially in this day and age where pretty much everyone has some sort of bikini clad selfie on their Facebook or Instagram page.  It wasn’t pornography and for what I can tell the shots aren’t sexually suggestive. Just seductive.

Since when did teachers have to be rigid players of a moral code that’s pretty much gone with the turn of the century?

And from what I hear about teacher’s wages in the US, it seems more than one has to take a side job to be able to pay rent.

Call me new-wave thinking, but bikini shots aren’t worth getting fired for asked to resign for… and I’m betting a male teacher in a sexy speedo and ripped chest wouldn’t be asked to do the same.

Time to get your heads out of the 50’s and into the new millennium.  [ Source ]

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