Banker Falls Asleep & Accidentally Tranfers 300 Million Dollars

There are some jobs where you know falling asleep on duty is a very dangerous thing. Taxi drivers should never fall asleep on the job nor should school bus drivers or police officers on a chase.

However, it would seem relatively harmless for a banker to fall asleep for a moment or two but apparently not.

A German banker proved falling asleep on the job can cause lots of drama when his finger kept hitting the “2” button on a transfer from the bank to a retiree.

Instead of transferring the correct amount of 62.40 euros, sleepy banker transferred 222,222,222.22 euros, more than $300 million.

The bank quickly noticed the error and fixed it and remarkably the sleeping banker didn’t get fired but his co-worker did for verifying the transaction.

Fired banker did get his job back and I’m betting more coffee will be drunk at this branch than before. 
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