Murder Suspect Butt-Dialed Police Before Crime

And in the world of Dumb Criminals…

A man in Florida is accused of murder or coordinating the murder after he alerted police to the potential crime by butt-dialing 911.

As the story goes,  Simon Scott got into a fight with another man in a Waffle House house parking lot. Unbeknownst to him, his butt called 911 and they were on the line just in time to hear Scott threaten to follow the other man, Nicolas Walker, home and kill him.

Sure enough, Walker was shot and killed minutes later.

Police aren’t sure if Scott pulled the trigger but they have good reason to believe he probably contacted the person who did it and thus was involved in Walkers murder.

Scott, on the other hand, had no idea he had but dialed 911, essentially ratting himself out.

A couple of words for you would be criminals… use keypad lock. It works wonders. 
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