Deaf toddler’s reaction to hearing father’s voice for first time is priceless

pricelessThe news of the world is chock full of terrible tragedies befalling otherwise innocent people and whatnot, so let’s shake things up with a truly heartwarming story that’s guaranteed to brighten you day.

Pictured here is Grayson Clamp, an absolutely adorable 3-year-old who was born without the nerves for hearing in both ears. Since Grayson didn’t have cochlear nerves in his ears, cochlear implants were of no good to him.  Being deaf meant the toddler would have to go through life without ever hearing his parents’ voices…that is, until an experimental procedure at the University of North Carolina that involved implanting a hearing device directly on Grayson’s brain stem allowed the boy to hear for the first time.


“We bypassed the area where there is no cochlear nerve, and we applied the electrodes directly to the brain stem,” said Craig Buchman, an otolaryngologist at UNC. 

When he saw his son hear for the first time, Len Clamp said the feeling was one he’ll never forget. 

“I’ve never seen another look like that,” he said. “I mean he looked deep into my eyes and he was hearing my voice for the first time.”

Here’s video of the priceless moment…

If that didn’t make you smile then you probably have no soul.

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