Chinese woman’s breast implant explodes following 4-hour iPhone gaming session

breast implant

Die hard video gamers know the importance of taking breaks and changing positions during an inordinately long session of gaming. Comfort, safety, hydration are just some of the important reasons for switching things up when you’re immersed in a particularly long and fascinating video game session. Oh, it will also prevent your breast implant from exploding inside your chest, a lesson learned the hard (and painful) way by this Chinese woman following a  four hour gaming session on her iPhone.

Apparently this anonymous gamer was so into her iPhone game Dragon Summon that she laid on her stomach for four hours until she felt a pain in her chest that was so intense it prompted a hospital visit, where doctors found that one of the woman’s breast implants had ruptured from prolonged pressure and poor quality. It sounds as if the woman is going to be just fine, although it doesn’t sound like her inferior breast implant survived the ordeal, so pay your respects accordingly.

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