Sisters arrested for DUI on same night, at same time…in same vehicle

sistersOh Florida, is there any crazy situation you can’t come up with? In what may be a first when it comes to traffic violations, a pair of sisters were both arrested at the same time, for the same crime, while in the same vehicle. What makes Vanessa and Steffany Miranda’s arrests even more amazing was that the duo were both busted for DUI, which is no easy feat when you’re both in the same car.

But that’s exactly what happened this past Saturday night when, with Steffany driving, they were pulled over by a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy after he witnessed their vehicle swerving and driving erratically. In plain view of the officer, and his dash cam, the sisters switched seats, then claimed they didn’t pull such a stunt. Didn’t matter really because Vanessa’s blood alcohol levels were .127 and .129 percent (in Florida, the legal limit for being drunk is a blood alcohol content of 0.8 percent). Steffany declined to take the test, but failed a field sobriety test and was arrested along with her younger sibling.

From the Miami Herald

It’s not easy for two people to get arrested for driving the same car drunk at one time.

Unless, of course, police attempt to pull one driver over and instead of pulling over, that driver stops in the middle of U.S. 1 and switches seats with a passenger in plain view of a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy and his in-car camera.

That’s exactly what the Sheriff’s Office says Miami sisters Vanessa Miranda, 24, and Steffany, Miranda, 18, did.

Both were booked into the Monroe County Detention Center, simultaneously charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

“Even though she was not driving the Volkswagen prior to the traffic stop, by switching seats with Steffany and sitting on the driver’s seat, [Vanessa] was in actual physical control of the Volkswagen as it was running and on a travel lane of U.S. 1,” Deputy Juan Martin-Reyes wrote in his report

Judging from the ladies’ poor choices, they not only share a last name and a DUI charge, but also a lack of common sense and intelligence.


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