Cops Charged With Leaking Info To Hells Angles Thanks to Poop On A Sandwich

Alex Theirren, 37, is up on multiple counts of leaking classified police information to the organized crime motorcycle group, the Hells Angels, and it’s all because of a sandwich filled with crap, literally.

It all started when two officers pulled over another, presumably off duty, for speeding on his motorcycle. At first, they didn’t issue a ticket but someone called in a complaint about the preferential treatment and the officers had no choice but to revoke their decision and give that speeding off-duty cop his penance for speeding along the road.

This infuriated other police officers who than began to harass the two cops who had to issue the ticket.

Because they hadn’t issued a ticket internal affairs was called in and the whole situation was being investigated and from the sounds of things, the investigation continued even though the cops did issue the tickets.

No one knows who the speeding cop is but Theirren is charged with obstruction of justice for tearing up the ticket that was issued. Obviously, this makes us all believe he was friends with the speeding cop.

As the harassment continued, one of the cops who had to issue the ticket went to grab his lunch one day from the staff fridge only to find that the filling of his sub had been filled with human feces.  And with the poop sandwich came more investigation.

Internal affairs were given permission to review text messages of 10 cops suspected of putting the poop in the sandwich. Theirren was one of them. On his phone investigators found messages to a steroid dealer linked to the Hell’s Angels and the content lead to his arrest.

Now Theirren has eight charges against him, including breach of trust and obstructing justice and he’s suspended without pay.

Guess you can say the crap left the sandwich and really hit the fan.

Seriously though, who knew police officers were as childish as frat boys?  [ Source ]


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