Man Stabs Brother Because He Spilt His Beer

And now in the world of useless crimes thanks to a need for anger management training…

A 49-year old man in Florida is under arrest after stabbing his brother in the gut because he knocked over his beer.

Police reports say Randy Zipperer was at home and upset because he couldn’t find where he put his macaroni and cheese. His younger brother, age 47, was trying to help Zipperer find it when he accidentally knocked over his beer.

This pushed Zipperer over the edge. The two started arguing then Zipperer ran into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and stabbed his brother in the stomach.

Police arrested him and charged him with aggravated battery and obstructing an officer without violence.

Brother was taken to hospital and survived the attack. Zipperer apologized profusely for the attack but still told his bother her was going to beat him once he was out of jail.

There are no reports of Zipperer being intoxicated when the incident happened which might make this seem more like a drunken disorderly than an absurdly ridiculous attack.  [ Source]

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