Students Fall Ill Thanks To Lunch Room Dares

You shouldn’t always do what people tell you to. It’s a lesson you learn as a child and one that really missed it’s mark with some elementary students in San Diego.

Twenty-two students from Audubon Elementary were sent home with stomach pain and nausea after lunch and officials think it’s thanks to a weird milk mixture students were daring others to drink. In it were things like hot sauce, milk, salt and carrots.

Apparently those kiddies with stronger bellies were able to make it through afternoon classes. Those with weaker bellies were sent home and while officials think it was the game of drink this gross stuff that caused so many students to get sick, they still disinfected the whole cafeteria and kitchen to be safe.

Wonder if there were mass puking sessions in the bathrooms? That would make it all worth while.  [ Source

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