Mother Stabs Baby 90 Times, Baby Survives

Looking at that sweet face covered in bandages and cuts bring tears to your eyes and a gut wrenching knot to your stomach.

The baby, 8-month old Xiao Bio, has miraculously survived a brutal attack by his mother and is lucky to be alive after she stabbed him 90 times with a pair of scissors for accidentally biting her while nursing.

Officials in Xuzhou, China haven’t arrested the mother and are allowing the boy to stay in her care since they live with two uncles. (ummmm….wtf????)

There are reports the mother is suffering from post-partum depression but nothing has been confirmed.

Little Bio has over 100 stitches in his face, head and body. He is expected to make a full recovery with no permanent damage. In a way, his young age is going to save him from some pretty brutal memories. Unless this is a behavior his mother continues with, in which case let’s hope the uncles plan on keeping a much closer eye on them for many years to come.

For the real tear jerker, check out the video below showing how many wounds the baby boy was inflicted with. It’s truly horrendous. [ Source]


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