Car Thieves Take Teen’s Ashes & Dump Them

Police in Calgary, Alberta are on the look out for car thieves who broke into a woman’s car, stole a green pouch with her daughter’s ashes inside and dumped them out. It’s only one in a recent string of car robberies, however, this one is perhaps the most devastating.

“The policeman found the little pouch in the middle of the road and it was empty, so we went down to the corner and found the pile of ashes there. It had been raining, they were wet and we couldn’t scoop them.” a tearful Colleen Ransom told media when talking about the car theft. “We got a few anyways.”

The thieves also got away with a green jacket that was Colleen’s daughter’s – Emma Ransom – essentially taking the last two things Colleen had to remember her daughter.

Emma was 19 when she was killed in an automobile accidents in Atlanta. She was driving with two other women when their car crossed the median and smashed into another vehicle.

“Anybody who has lost someone knows how precious it can be. They were the only things I have left of my daughter and I like her to come with me wherever I go,” Colleen told media.  “I thought, who would do that? Who would take the ashes and dump them? And then I realized they probably didn’t know they were my daughter’s ashes.”

Colleen still plans to carry the remaining ashes around with her but says she’ll keep them safely in her purse so she can have her daughter with her always. The pain of the loss is something the mother says hasn’t lessened in the four years since Emma’s untimely death.

“It never goes away. She’s always there. I wake up … I think about her. I think about her constantly.” explained the grieving mother who goes on to say losing her daughter’s ashes is like losing her all over again.

Police say they are looking for three teenage girls for questioning in regards to this and other car break-ins – a blonde, a brunette and a dark haired girl, all are petite and one maybe named Sarah.

As for Colleen, her grieving continues and hopefully sometime very soon she can find peace and move beyond her loss.  [ Source ] [ Picture ]


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