Woman Fired For Being Too Attractive, Courts Say Firing Is Fair

A dental assistant in Des Moines, Iwoa has been fired from her job for being too attractive to her employer and according to the courts he was right to let her go.

Melissa Nelson, a married mother of two, has been working for Dr. James Knight since 1999 but it wasn’t until 2009 and Dr. Knight began to find Nelson too attractive. The two were texting mostly about work stuff but at points Dr. Knight asked her things like how often she had an orgasm. Nelson never replied.

The cat was out of the bag when Dr. Knight was vacationing with his family out of country and his wife found he was texting Nelson. This was when the Mrs. demanded he fire her because she was a danger to their marriage. He did.

Feeling it was unfair and unjust, Nelson filed a wrongful dismissal complaint against him to which the Supreme Court of Iowa decided there wasn’t grounds for it.

The jurors, all men, upheld the Dr. Knight’s decision to fire her and Nelson’s lawyer says it’s complete step back for gender equality.

“Women already have to balance on the very fine line of being respected, professional and well-liked in the workplace without having their perceived charm or attractiveness garner unwanted sexual advances, harassment and discrimination,” Paige Fiedler said in a statement.

Sounds to me like gender discrimination. What about you?  [ Source]

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