15 ton “fatberg” retracted from London sewer

Yes, someone took a picture of the blob of fat

An enormous fatberg was retracted from the London sewers. The 15 ton mass of congealed fat, baby diapers and other hygienic material was recovered by the Thames Water co. and took three weeks to clear out of the pipes it was clogging.

The massive blob was found under London Road in Kingston, Surrey. Company officials stated that they regularly remove blobs of fat but they’d never seen one this large all at once.

Of course, in 2013 media fashion, we have video!

The blockage was discovered after residents in nearby flats complained that they couldn’t flush their toilets. The company decided to make this discovery public, in order to perhaps sensitize their customers will think twice about what they flush down their drains.

Consider the amount of fat that needs to be flushed for it to congeal in such a massive amount, but that, my friends, is far from the end. The company has announced that the fatberg will be recycled and used to make soap and other detergents as well as the more obvious biodiesel.

Wait. If we use that kind of disgusting mass to wash ourselves, won’t it return right back to the sewers?



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