Mail Box On Side Of Bridge Puzzles Everyone, Some Think A Ghost At Play

A mail box in the UK, thought to be 100 years old, has suddenly appeared on the side of a brick bridge so close to the water the only way people could get to it is by boat. And it’s an appearance that’s puzzling postmen, villagers and others because no one can figure out how it got there.

The letterbox is positioned perfectly about a metre above water level on a parapet of the bridge, which crosses the river Thames and it has Villagers at Sonning-on-Thames very confused since until recently they’ve never seen it before. It also doesn’t make sense to have the mail box directly over a part of the Thames, in a place people can’t get to by foot.

Event the Royal Mail are confused.

“The recent appearance of a postbox frontage on the side of the river bridge at Sonning is a mystery to us,” an unnamed spokesman told media. “It is certainly not an operational posting facility and we have no knowledge of how it arrived at this location.”

However, it isn’t the first strange thing that’s been spotted in Sonning. There are many reports of sightings of a child ghost and some villagers, like Uri Geller who’s lived there for 30 years, believe it’s the ghost who’s playing games.

“There are many sightings of a child ghost that walks on the bridge.” he says, adding, “”Maybe it was the ghost of a mischievous little girl.”

Mischievous ghost or teens pulling a prank, perhaps we will never know.  [ Source ]

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