Man Beats Daughter With Whip, Films It

Some people don’t deserve to be parents.

A Florida man by the name of Steven Grady Fillingim was arrested and charged with child abuse after police responded to a neighbor’s complaint saying they were suspecting the teenage daughter in the house was being abused.  She was and according to the police report which can be found on The Smoking Gun, the father’s reasoning was because she was being lazy and cut school.

The report says the unnamed victim had no marks on her hands or face but she was hit with a belt and Fillingim’s hands.

However, this is where things take a turn for the more disturbing, as if beating your kid isn’t disturbing enough.

Turns out police found a video of Fillingim, on his cell phone, of him whipping a young woman matching the description of the unnamed victim (presumably his daughter) to the song “Blurred Lines.” He did it with a switch and apparently it lasted  for 40 minute… or the original beating was for 40 minutes before the cops showed up and stopped it. The timing is unclear.

What is clear is this man doesn’t deserve to be a parent. And someone should whip his ass for 40 minutes with a switch.

And you have to ask, what kind of sicko films this kind of stuff? [ Source]



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