Former MacDonald’s CEO Open Healthy, Sustainable Fast Food Restaurant

Do fast food restaurants need to change their ways from overly processed, genetically modified, human killing foods to healthy, sustainable meals in order to survive? If you ask former CEO of one of the world’s largest chains, Mike Roberts, he would probably say yes.

The former big wig at MacDonald’s has just opened a fast food chain that is exactly that. It’s called LYFE Kitchen and they promise to serve only meals that have no GMOs, no butter, no cream, no high fuctose corn syrup, no refined flour, no refined sugar and other harmful ingredients that are the keys to making today’s fast food meals. Many doubt this can be successful but Roberts is a believer in the chain that also promises to use only sustainable food sources.

It’s like a hippie’s dream come true.

LYFE stands for “Love Your Food Everyday” and it doesn’t just cater to the veggie lover. There’s burgers and free range chicken all from reliable, organic wholesalers and while it may be a bit pricey ($8.49 for a burger) you do know what your eating is real. Not some science lab made food like item posing for the real thing.

Right now there is one LYFE Kitchen in the States and Roberts aims to open another 500 – 1000 restaurants across the country over the next few years. Eventually, Roberts hopes to make LYFE as global as MacDonald’s.

It could be the first of many in an era where people are becoming more and more aware of what’s in the food they’re eating or it could be a dismal failure. What do you think? 
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