Drunk Driver Doesn’t Stop For Police Because He Wants To Finish Burger

A man driving under the influence of at least 15 beer took police on a little chase when they tried to stop him… all because he wanted to finish his burger.

This is exactly what 31-year old Randall Miller told Brunswick, Ohio police when they finally were able to get him to pull over. Miller was still munching on his Big Mac until he was asked to perform sobriety tests.

Honesty must be Miller’s thing, because when asked to do the sobriety tests he told officers, “”it wasn’t worth the trouble” because he had downed at least 15 nice cold ones. His blood alcohol limit was three times the legal limit.

It wasn’t the first DUI arrest for the Hinkley, Ohio man. Miller has been busted 2 two other times for the offense (a dangerous offense to be repeating) and this time he was charged with failure to comply, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, driving under suspension and no operator’s license.

Released to his wife, Miller awaits trail and hopefully no Big Mac Attacks will get him in trouble again. 

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