80-year-old ‘Gentleman Jack’ releases fitness DVD, drops ironic quote of the century

jack cagney

jack cagneyIf you’re looking to get back in shape but can afford little more than a broomstick, you’re in luck.

Jack Cagney, 80, has all the tools you need in his new fitness DVD, ‘Get Fit With Gentleman Jack.’  This DVD features Gentleman Jack motivational rapping, Gentleman Jack wearing little more than a man-thong, and Gentleman Jack transforming a simple broomstick into a 50 kg barbell with the power of his questionably sound imagination.

According to Gentleman Jack, who had a quadruple heart bypass shortly after he began creating the workout in 2007, ‘Some of the DVDs on the market are pure crap.  This is a real workout.’

We’ll have to take his word for it.


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