Interplanetary colonization just got kinkier

A realistic exploration of human intimacyNot at all impeded by budget cuts in the aftermath of the recession, NASA is now asked to address how babies are made in space.

On the front line of this issue is Dr. Rhawn Joseph, putting the ‘O’ back in zero gravity for the Journal of Cosmology in his contribution to its special edition on Martian colonization, titled “Sex on Mars.”

At no loss for innuendo, reports that “NASA does not take a position on sex in space” and that the agency is not expected to anytime soon, since colonizing the red planet is not on their agenda.  However, the article does posit that a trip of such length – nine months from Earth to Mars, three months for study, and nine months back – opens up the possibility of emotional attachment between astronauts, subsequent sexual encounters, and the inevitable breakup fight over who’s been drinking all the Tang.

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