Sega wants you to pee on their video games

Not, the Mona Lisa

Not, the Mona Lisa
It had to happen, it was inevitable, after the old urinal cake bulls-eye game we men all know and love, the Japanese now have high tech urinal video games.

These games called Sega Toylets will be installed over normal everyday toilets. Four mini games are planned at launch, mostly based on the following urination skills, flow control, flow duration and accuracy.

While I’m not really looking forwards to the unavoidable YouTube videos, it should be noted that “golden showers” have been part of everyday pornography since before Al Gore invented the Internet, so it’s likely that these mighty feats of extreme urination will wind up plastered on pornography sites, where users can upload their home videos.

It’s unknown at this time whether or not Nintendo are whipping us up a Wiimote attachment, it just seems that the Wii, given its name, would have been the obvious platform for the home version of this game.

A version I definitely want to see is going to be the related iPad app.

On a final note, I just want to mention that in Soviet Russia, urinal games pee on you! [NewsLite]

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