Relationship expert demands V-Day boycott


flowersThere’s nothing quite like Valentine’s Day – unless you’re an man, argues Marc Rudov.  That’s why he’s boycotting the pseudo-holiday.

The relationship expert from Los Gatos, California is railing against the perceived gender inequality promoted by Valentine’s Day.  Comparing it unfavorably to Super Bowl Sunday, a day in which women look the other way so that men can hold each other and down Coors Light by the gallon between bags of chips and barbecued smokies, Valentines Day is “about coercing men to oblige female entitlement” according to Rubov.

For reasons which are perhaps only obvious to the other 99.9% of American men, his boycott has not achieved much of a following in its five-year run.  He’s not worried: “That’s because men are wimps and do what their women want.”  Note the syntax in that preceding sentence – not the women, but their women.

What Marc Rudov has failed to acknowledge is that Valentine’s Day goes both ways – it is as much an opportunity for women to capitalize on the unbound generosity of men as it is an opportunity for men to display their generosity, wealth, and romantic success in public.  Still, Rudov insists that men take a knee on V-Day and “grow a pair.”

In the meantime, here’s a hilarious video of Rudov comparing Valentine’s Day to socialism and generally being a Chauvinist pig:

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