The Moon is shrinking!

The Moon; Humans will always be fascinated by it. Cavemen likely looked up at it and wondered if they could unhook it from the sky. We’ve written books about it, poems were recited, Duran Duran wrote a song about it being new, on a Monday.

We’ve had paintings, documentaries, men were sent, more documentaries were made explaining how men had gone, and about the samples they had retrieved. Later, other documentaries were made to dispute the fact that men had gone in the first place, and claiming instead that the whole lunar landing project was a hoax designed to hide the alleged fact that the samples they had in fact not brought back, were somehow related to JFK’s assassination. Several pointless Internet arguments were started over the whole thing and it got ugly.

Movies were made, TV series; John Koenig commanded Moon Base Alpha in the late 1990s, before the Earth exploded and the Moon was sent spiraling out of control into space.

Stephen King used it to guide Tom Cullen in a covert mission when the M-O-O-N was just a little fingernail moon. More recently, other Cullens (vampires) were made to swap girlfriends with teenage werewolves in Moon related teen-movies, sadly Sam, Scooby, and Dean Winchester were not involved.

All that might soon be behind us because scientists, have discovered something unforeseen, the Moon, is shrinking!

Nasa are probably not planning a time lapse video though, because it’s shrinking at the alarmingly slow rate of around a few kilometers every billion years.

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  • Stefan Greenwood
    4 February 2011 at 3:10 am
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    Moon might be shrinking. but so are your facts.. “Moon Base Alpha”.. there was an explosion on the moon that blew it out of orbit.. not the earth being destroyed. (that must be another movie)

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