Prison security unprepared for break-in, TV stolen

In what could be called a “reverse prison break” thieves managed to infiltrate a prison’s administration building and make off with a 50-inch plasma screen TV in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Police were only alerted to the theft after firefighters were called to fight a blaze in the administration building, deliberately set on the window curtains.  When firefighters discovered that the window had been forced open, police arrived and eventually determined that a television was missing.

Although it is suspected that the thieves fled on foot, it’s definitely not the most inconspicuous way to make off with a television the size of a dinner table; nonetheless, “If any members of the public saw anyone carrying a big TV at that time of night, or heard or saw anything in the area of the prison, let police know,” police Sergeant Thomas McIntyre said. [Source; Image]

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