Well that’s just crazy: Teen attempts to steal unborn fetus

kassandra toruga

kassandra torugaEvidently unable to obtain a child in a more traditional fashion, an 18-year-old girl in Maricopa, AZ is now behind bars for attempted first-degree murder, burglary and arson in the fallout of a botched plan to kill her nine-month pregnant friend and claim the baby as her own.

Kassandra Toruga was caught red-handed by firefighters, who arrived at the would-be victim’s house to combat a blaze started in the closet by Toruga.  It’s unknown how arson fit into Toruga’s plan, but the rest of it is clear, as she was found wielding a pair of butcher knives, scissors, and a bag with baby clothes and diapers.  In addition, Toruga’s Myspace page features an ultrasound photograph and she had reportedly been telling friends that she was pregnant.

As if there was any room for doubt, Toruga confessed to her plot on the day of the fire and was arrested a few days later.  She is now being held in lieu of $500,000 bail.  Check out the news video here. [Source; Image]

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