Man dressed in cow suit steals 26 gallons of milk from Walmart

Well of course he did…those costume udders are for decoration only.

This past Tuesday at the Walmart in North Stafford, Virginia, a man dressed in a cow costume crawled into the store, grabbed a cart, loaded up with 26 gallons of milk (worth approximately $92), and strolled out of the chain without paying.

I smell fraternity prank.

The entire incident was caught on videotape.  Cops were alerted to someone dressed in a cow suit trying to give away milk to customers.  Shortly after that, police were called to a local McDonald’s for a disturbance.  There they saw a person similar to the man-cow caught on tape at the Walmart.

Cops snatched the guy, took him back to the store where he was identified as the brazen milk thief, and issued the man, identified as 18-year-old Jonathan Payton, a summons for shoplifting.  He was released on his own recognizance.

I give Payton an A+ for the caper, but next time steal something worthwhile—like dressing up as a pig and stealing a bunch of bacon.  Bacon trumps all.

[Potomac Local]


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