Parents Say No Horse, German Teen Trains Cow Instead

And the cow jumped over the fence… with her golden haired rider in saddle on top.

If it sounds funny it isn’t to 15-year old Regina Mayer. It’s reality for the German teen. And she’s proud of the cow she rides.

It all started 2 years ago after her parents refused to buy her a horse. Most teens would take to their room and sulk but not Mayer. She started training her soon to be riding companion, Luna, a new calf on the family farm.

Long walks in the woods wearing a saddle was step one, along with plenty of treats. Roughly 6 months later Mayer tried riding Luna for the first time, which started off well. Mayer remembers their first ride:

“She was really well behaved and walked normally. But after a couple of meters, she wanted me to get off! You could see that she got a bit peeved.”

That was only the start and now after years together, hours of training, lots of love, food and petting, Luna and Mayer take regular long rides along the German countryside. Luna also understands commands like gallop and stand.

But all this riding may have given Luna the cow an identity crisis.

“She thinks she’s a horse,” laughs Mayer in an interview with Newsvine.

While Mayer’s friends laughed at her riding a cow they appreciate it now. However, Luna’s bovine posse might not feel the same. Mayer says the other cows are jealous because of the attention and treats Luna gets.

Or they might be jealous because Luna’s made sure she’s one beefy cow that’s not going to the butcher. Newsvine


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