Brazilian woman suffering from anxiety and hypersexuality legally entitled to masturbate at work

I’m sure there’s a ton of people out there who are glad that this precedent has been set, especially when you find out that the woman pictured here, Ana Catarian Bezerra, is not only legally allowed to masturbate at work, she can also use her employer’s computers to surf for porn.


Bezerra, a 36-year-old Brazilian accountant, suffers from anxiety and hypersexuality.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Ana, the only way to relieve this anxiety is by pleasuring herself, which, as most of us know, if frowned upon in the workplace.  So what was Ana to do?  Take the issue to court, in the hopes that she would be legally allowed to “relieve her anxiety” while on the job.

And she won.

Now that she won her legal battle, Bezerra is allowed to masturbate at work, and surf for porn on the work computers, any time she feels.  Along with her legal victory, she’s also sought medical help, and is seeing a doctor who prescribes medication to help minimize her need for self-stimulation.  With her doctor’s help, Ana’s masturbation frequency is down to a manageable 18 times a day.

Wait…18-times a day?  How does she get any work done, especially during tax season?



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